Roosevelt High School Writing and Publishing Center

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  • Category: Children & Youth
  • Description: Roosevelt High School's Writing and Publishing Center has two essential functions: We provide essential assistance to RHS students striving to achieve our school wide goal of every student graduating “College Ready, Career Focused.” To accomplish this goal, we assist RHS students in developing strong writing skills, specifically focusing on: essays for all classes (English, Science, History, etc.), college and scholarship applications, resumes, and cover letters. Additionally, the WPC supports in-class projects, including our annual Freedom Fighters exhibit. Unique Ink Publishing produces high quality, original content books with contributions from students, community members, and faculty. Our current publication is Where the Roses Smell Best: A Literary Companion to Portland, and look for our upcoming children's bilingual storybook this spring. In the past, we have been proud to partner with Portland State University's Ooligan Press.
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